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LEAD San Diego Welcomes 2024 Board Chair: Jason Paguio



Jason Paguio, CEO of the Asian Business Association of San Diego, first Asian American to serve as Chair of the Board of Directors

San Diego, CA (January 10, 2024) – LEAD San Diego is proud to welcome Jason Paguio, CEO of the San Diego Asian Business Association, as Chair of the Board of Directors for 2024. Paguio, who has served on the LEAD Board since 2021, is the first Asian American to hold the LEAD Board Chair position.

"Jason's commitment to community, unwavering dedication to positive change, and remarkable vision make him the perfect leader to take LEAD San Diego onto an era of innovative community impact and collaboration,” said Jerry Sanders, President and CEO of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, of which LEAD San Diego is an affiliate. "I am positive that Jason’s work in this new role will inspire us to reach new horizons in service to our mission while championing the spirit of leadership in our region."

Paguio will serve a one-year term as Chair beginning January 1 through December 31, 2024. Joining him on the LEAD Board are an additional 36 board members representing San Diego County’s diverse industries and communities. Assuming the role of Vice Chair is Nancy Rohland-Heinrich Ed.D., Executive Vice President, Communications & Community Engagement at National University. For the full board roster, click here.

"As this year's LEAD San Diego Board Chair, I am positive that our collective enthusiasm and efforts will be the driving force that propels LEAD San Diego into a future where leadership knows no bounds and impact knows no limits," said Paguio. "I look forward to working with an influential and supportive Board of Directors. Together, we will help turn aspirations into achievements, challenges into opportunities, and community dreams into tangible realities."

LEAD San Diego aims to create a network of leaders equipped with the skills, insight, and passion needed to work collaboratively across industries and issues to positively transform their communities and country through its three diverse programs:

  • Advance - A course specifically designed to empower and elevate women in the workplace,

  • Impact - An immersive, 10-month program for mid-to-senior level managers focusing on the

  • Influence - A three-day crash course on San Diego’s business and civic landscape for C-level and

About LEAD San Diego

As the nonpartisan, leadership development arm of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, LEAD San Diego offers a diverse suite of programs designed to mobilize leaders by enhancing knowledge of key regional issues, strengthening personal leadership skills, and establishing strong community connections. For more information, please visit


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