Request for Assistance County of San Diego Culvert Repair and Replacement



Invitation to Bid


DATE:                07-13-16 


TO:                     Subcontractors and Suppliers                                                       


OWNER: County of San Diego                                                            PROJECT NO:   7530


San Diego Employers Take Note: July 11, 2016 New Minimum Wage and Sick Leave Ordinance!

San Diego has approved a minimum wage and sick leave ordinance which is effective July 11, 2016. The ordinance increases the minimum wage in the City of San Diego to $10.50 and changes the rules of California’s paid sick leave policy. Specifics of the “Earned Sick Leave-Minimum Wage Ordinance” include:

State of California - Request for Assistance

DATE:    June 20, 2016  


TO:                     Subcontractors and Suppliers                                                  


OWNER:           State of California                                      PROJECT NO:   11-295204


PROJECT:       SD-RTE 94, Curve Re-alignment  


LOCATION:      Campo