Language Arts

Language Arts

Interested in international business and the Pacific Rim? If so, you'll be best equipped for success by learning languages from these ABA language arts partners.

Chinese School of San Diego
Chinese School of San Diego aims to provide a well-rounded program of studies of the Chinese language and its cultures. Throughout the program emphasis is placed upon the development of fluency in Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation. These are developed with a broad, activity based approach. Students at CSSD develop a keen understanding of and appreciation for China, its language, history, culture, festivals and traditions. Teachers provide learning experiences that are appropriate to a student's age. We take student- centered approach to instruction that capitalizes on each student's strengths. The school fosters a warm, caring learning environment with freedom of expression and respect for others as key elements. CSSD is fully accredited by the Unified School District of San Diego. Contact Information: 8775 Aero Drive Ste. 136, San Diego, CA 92123, Phone: (858) 565-8008

San Diego American Chinese School

San Diego American Chinese School (SDACS) is a non-profit organization, which is dedicated to serve the school age American-Chinese students here in San Diego. They will teach students about the Chinese language, history and cultures, provide them variety kinds of activities such as sports, arts, music, games. SDACS has designed fun and effective Chinese programs. Contact Information: Vivian Wu, 3337 Industrial Ct, San Diego, CA 92121, Phone: 858-525-5855, Email:

San Diego Japanese School

The San Diego Japanese School provides classes in Japanese Language and culture to both children and adults. Saturday morning classes are held for children from 1st. grade up to 12th. grade. High School credit is awarded. Afternoon, evening, and weekend instruction, by arrangement, is available for professionals and interested adults. Contact Information: 2624 Market Street, San Diego, CA 92101, Phone: (619) 233-5858,