Request for Assistance County of San Diego Culvert Repair and Replacement



Invitation to Bid


DATE:                07-13-16 


TO:                     Subcontractors and Suppliers                                                       


OWNER: County of San Diego                                                            PROJECT NO:   7530


San Diego Employers Take Note: July 11, 2016 New Minimum Wage and Sick Leave Ordinance!

San Diego has approved a minimum wage and sick leave ordinance which is effective July 11, 2016. The ordinance increases the minimum wage in the City of San Diego to $10.50 and changes the rules of California’s paid sick leave policy. Specifics of the “Earned Sick Leave-Minimum Wage Ordinance” include:

Interested in increasing your property value?

Installing electric vehicle charging stations at your facility can help you achieve that. This allows building owners and property managers to both increase their property’s value and make it easier to increase plug-in electric vehicle adoption. Think about these benefits too:

State of California - Request for Assistance

DATE:    June 20, 2016  


TO:                     Subcontractors and Suppliers                                                  


OWNER:           State of California                                      PROJECT NO:   11-295204


PROJECT:       SD-RTE 94, Curve Re-alignment  


LOCATION:      Campo



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