Take advantage of free energy-related courses

Specialized energy efficiency and sustainability courses sharpen your skills, and are a great way for businesses to competitively get ahead. SDG&E’s Energy Innovation Center offers over 250 free energy-related courses per year, making it easy to find classes that fit your needs. Keep up-to-date on the latest technologies that can help your business save energy and money. Gain basic skills or advanced training in green building practices, many customized to your type of business.

Check out SDG&E’s free summer classes at seminars.sdge.com. If you are a restaurant owner, for example, you may find Wasting Away: Food Waste Reduction for Restaurants on June 13th from 9am – 11am quite interesting. Learn how to implement an organic waste recycling program and new technologies for dealing with organic waste. Register for SDG&E’s seminars at sdge.com/training.


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