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September 2018 Business Messaging from SDG&E®

Why are summer energy bills higher?

It’s been hotter than normal for longer periods of time and people have been using a lot of energy to keep their homes and businesses cool. In fact, the average temperature of nearly 80 degrees in July was the hottest month ever recorded in California’s history

  • This hotter weather has driven up energy use, and combined with higher summer pricing, customers are seeing much larger bills than normal. Summer pricing stems from a rise in electricity prices in the summer across the state as the weather heats up and there’s a high demand for energy.
  • There’s an increase in residential customers reaching the state-mandated High Usage Charge (HUC), which applies to electricity use that exceeds four times your average daily use. Visit to learn more.

The high usage charge was introduced to encourage energy efficiency. SDG&E doesn’t profit from the sale of electricity to our customers. The electricity purchased for your business is a direct pass-through to your bills.

Keep your water heating from burning a hole in your bill

Water heating averages up to 7% of the energy used in commercial buildings. These simple changes can help reduce water use and the amount of energy required to heat it.

  • Install faucet aerators in restrooms and low-flow showerheads for on-site shower facilities.
  • Use front-loading washing machines with high-speed spin cycles to save water and energy used for drying.
  • Choose low-water-use dishwashing equipment for cafeterias.
  • Make use of the free heat being exhausted by air conditioners, icemakers, or above a cooking line with a heat pump water heater. These water heaters also return a moderate amount of free air conditioning as a by-product.

Call our Energy Savings Center for more energy-saving tips at 1.800.644.6133 or visit

Visit for ways to save energy this summer. Another helpful starting point is to log into or sign up for My Account at Within My Account, you can view your energy use, find out what your baseline is, and sign up for High Usage Charge alerts.

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