October 2017 Business Messaging from SDG&E®

Article 1: Higher rebates for foodservice measures

Do you have a commercial kitchen or use refrigeration? For a limited time, SDG&E is providing higher rebates for ice machines, refrigeration cases, electric fryers and more – available through November 10, 2017. Learn more at sdge.com/foodservice. See all available business rebates in the 2017 Business Energy Efficiency Rebates Catalog.


Rebate Amount

New Rebate Amount

Ice Machines

Up to $400

Up to $580

Electric Convection Oven



Ventilation Control Retrofit




Great reasons to invest in energy-efficient kitchen equipment:

  • Higher production capacities and additional features such as programmable timers
  • Savings on energy and operating costs can outweigh the purchase price
  • Inefficient appliances emit more heat – resulting in a hotter kitchen
  • SDG&E offers financing with 0% interest to help you replace worn-out equipment

Article 2: Take advantage of SDG&E’s business offers

See the newly-consolidated Business Energy Efficiency Rebates Catalog and to review our policies and procedures, read the Energy Efficiency Business Rebates Handbook.

  • Free smart thermostats including free installation
    • Control multiple thermostats anytime, set up and receive alerts, modify occupancy schedules and more. For details see sdge.com/thermostats.
  • Streamlined Ag Efficiency Program
    • A refreshed program that can help Agribusiness customers save time and cut energy costs. Read more at sdge.com/agbiz.
  • Instant lighting rebates
  • On-Bill Financing
    • Eligible businesses can receive 0% financing and pay for qualifying energy-efficient business improvements through their SDG&E bill. Learn more at sdge.com/OBF.
  • Local Capacity Procurement Program (LCPP)
    • Qualifying building owners can receive financial incentives to upgrade and improve the efficiency of mechanical systems. Learn more at sdge.com/LCPP.

Article 3: Don’t miss SDGE&E’s fall classes for your business and home

Whether you’re a trade professional, business owner or homeowner, you can gain basic and advanced skills in green building practices. Classes are designed to teach you how to improve performance and become more energy efficient. Specialized energy efficiency and sustainability courses are a great way for businesses to competitively get ahead and keep current on the latest technologies that can help your business reduce its energy usage. Check out SDG&E’s classes at seminars.sdge.com.

Want to learn more about rooftop solar? Register today for SDG&E’s “Solar for Business” lunch and learn class on Wednesday, October 18th, from 11:30am – 1:30pm, or for the “Solar for Homeowners” class on Wednesday, October 25th from 5:30pm – 8:30pm. To learn more about SDG&E’s Energy Innovation Center and other fall classes visit sdge.com/EIC

Article 4: Say goodbye to gasoline, hello to electric vehicles

Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) are on a trajectory to surpass cars with internal combustion engines in the next two decades, according to Bloomberg News. Automakers around the world are working on plans to phase out petroleum-driven cars and focus on EVs, and with that will come increased demand for charging stations at commercial and residential properties.

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) is installing 3,500 EV charging stations at apartments, condos and businesses in the region through its Power Your Drive initiative. Visit sdge.com/PowerYourDrive to join the interest list and learn how we can help you install the infrastructure you need to attract and keep quality tenants at little or no cost to you.

San Diegans seem ahead of the curve on this new technology. The recent EV Day San Diego drew nearly 2,000 attendees to test drive the latest EV models. More EV drivers are merging onto our region’s freeways every day – and they will need places to plug-in.



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