MTM Builders, Inc. Invitation to Bid


DATE:        May 4, 2017  

TO:                                         ALL CONTRACTORS AND/OR SUPPLIERS

MTM Builders, Inc., in Chula Vista, CA, is seeking bids from qualified Small and Disadvantaged Businesses including: Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), HUBZone Business (HUBZone), Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE), Certified Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE), Certified Emerging Local Business Enterprise (ELBE), Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) and Other Business Enterprise (OBE).

We invite your bid for the following listed project:

Project Title:      UCSD OPP Parking & Patient Drop Off                       

Project No:                    4973

Eng’s Est:                     $2,000,000

Location:           9300 Campus Point Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037                                               

Please submit your proposal on or before 12pm May 18th

via email to

or fax it to 619-226-6843

We are seeking Subcontractors/Suppliers for ALL trades, including, but not limited to:


Tree Protection & Trimming



Site Clearing



Unit Pavers


Misc. CIP Concrete



Earth Moving



CIP Architectural Concrete


Site Furnishings



Excavation Support and Protection



Planting Irrigation


Fire Suppression Water Service Piping



Asphalt Paving





Fire Hydrants



Decomposed Granite Paving



Landscape Maintenance

Div 26

Exterior Electrical



Concrete Paving



Storm Utility Drainage Piping


Pthways for Communications Systems



Pavement Joint Sealants



Reinforcing Steel

This is a Prevailing Wage project. State Wages apply.

Project Wage:

By Resolution No. 6173, the City Council adopted the general prevailing rate of per diem wages as determined and published by the State Director of the Department of Industrial Relations, pursuant to Sections 1770, 1773, and 1773.1 of the California Labor Code. Copies of these rates, the Federal Wage Rates, and the latest revisions thereto are on file in the office of the City Engineer and are available for review upon request. The contractor shall also comply with Sections 1771, 1774, 1775, 1776, 1777.5, 1813, and 1815 as required by the California Labor Code.

Employment of Apprentices:                                    

Contractor and its subcontractors shall comply with California Labor Code sections 1777.5, 1777.6 and 1777.7 concerning the employment and wages of apprentices. Contractor is held responsible for the compliance of their subcontractors with sections 1777.5, 1777.6 and 1777.7.

DIR Registration:                                     

This project is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the DIR. As of March 1, 2015, no contractor or subcontractor may be listed on a bid or proposal for a public works project unless registered with the DIR pursuant to Labor Code section 1725.5.

Please include your DIR # on your proposal.

Plans and Specs:

MTM Builders, Inc. will provide all plans, specifications, and documents (at no cost). Please DO NOT contact the owner. 

To download a copy of the plans, specs and addendums, please click on the following link:

MTM Builders, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Contractor and provides equal opportunity for Subcontractors to participate in subcontracting opportunities. MTM Builders, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, ethinicity, sexual orientation, age or disability in the solicitation, selection, hiring, or treatment of subcontractors, vendors, or suppliers.

Payment and Performance Bonds may be required. If you need further information on how to obtain a bond, please feel free to contact us via email at

Please respond to this invitation by completing the following information and emailing it to: 

☐ YES, we will submit a proposal. 

☐ NO, we are not interested at this time.

Project:                                UCSD OPP Parking & Patient Drop Off, La Jolla, CA__________

Bid Date:                                             May 18, 2017 @ 12pm__________________________

Company Name:              _____________________________________________

Point of Contact:              _____________________________________________

Phone:                                                  _____________________________________________

Email:                                                   _____________________________________________

What trade(s) will you be bidding on? _____________________________

Are you a certified small and/or disadvantaged business? Y ☐ N ☐                                                                                                          

Thank you in advance for your response and interest in working with MTM Builders, Inc.!


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