Mid-Coast Transit Contractors Team is seeking contractors for the Mid-Coast Transit Project

The Mid-Coast Transit Constructors (MCTC) Team is seeking contractors capable of providing all labor, material and equipment for the following scopes of work related to the construction of the Mid-Coast Transit Project:

  • MCTC Invitation #30 - CIDH Segments 1&2: Drilling and placement of all CIDH foundations associated with the Elvira Morena Double Track Project and Segments 1 & 2 of the Mid-Coast Project.
  • MCTC Invitation #31 - CIDH Segments 3&4: Drilling and placement of all CIDH foundations associated with Segments 3 & 4 of the Mid-Coast Project. 
  • MCTC Invitation #32 - Structural Steel: The complete Structural Steel package including but limited to furnish all transportation, labor, materials and equipment to provide and erect structural steel, complete in place including but not limited to W40x431 steel beams, W36x302 steel beams, W30x90 ballast curb, steel walkway assemblies, handrail, handrail embeds, wide weld forged type W/B steel grating (galvanized), toe plates, deck plates, diaphragms, utility hanger, lifting lugs, bearing assemblies, bearing assembly embeds, bearing assembly anchor rods, seismic continuity devices, pipe seat extenders and all welds and fasteners associated with connecting structural steel components to other structural steel components.
  • MCTC Invitation #33 - Steel Girders for Pedestrian Bridge: Fabrication, delivery and erection of the steel girders for the pedestrian bridges located at Voigt Drive station, Executive Drive Station, and UTC Station. 
  • MCTC Invitation #34 - Structural Steel Elevator Towers & Stair Towers:Fabrication and erection of the elevator towers and stair towers located at Nobel Station, Pepper Canyon Station, Voigt Drive Station, Executive Drive Station, and UTC Station.

Bids are due by December 3, 2015 at 2pm PST

For more information regarding these opportunities, please visit the Mid-Coast Vendor Portal at www.mctcjv.com:

Step 1.   

Sign-in to the Mid-Coast Vendor Portal (powered by PlanetBids) to review the RFP. If you are not currently registered with the Mid-Coast Vendor Portal, please sign up. Once registered you will be able to review the RFP you are interested in and submit an eBid.

Step 2.   

MCTC requests that the below linked MCTC Questionnaire be completed. Once completed, the MCTC Questionnaire should be emailed to their team at info@mctcjv.com.

Please email Tina McGilvery, MCTC Subcontracts Manager, at tmcgilvery@mctcjv.com with any additional questions.



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