Hazard Construction: Bid Request




DATE:    September 21, 2016

 TO:                     Subcontractors and Suppliers                                                 

 OWNER:           County of San Diego

 PROJECT #: 1019200

     PROJECT:   East Vista Way at Gopher Canyon Road Intersection Improvements


    LOCATION: Vista, CA

 BID DATE:        10/06/2016                                                    BID TIME:     2:00PM

 CONTACT:   Dale Yeager                                                     dyeager@hazardcon.com          


    NOTES:         A complete set of plans, specifications and any addendums that may be issued for this project are available for your review at no charge in our plan room or download at the agency’s website: https://buynet.sdcounty.ca.gov/


RE:  Request for assistance in obtaining qualified and certified DVBE Subcontractors and/or vendors                                                                                                                                                                


Dear Sir/Ma’am:


Hazard Construction is seeking your assistance in recruiting qualified and certified DVBE subcontractors, and material and/or equipment suppliers in the areas of work included in, but not limited to, those listed below:


SUBTRADES Erosion Control, SWPPP, Cold Plane, Dike, Fence, Masonry, Minor Concrete, and Stripe

 IMPORTANT!  We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We seek and encourage bids from certified SLBE, ELBE, DBE, UDBE, DVBE, SBE, MBE, WBE and OBE businesses. If your scope of work requires materials, please consider and list suppliers on your quote.   


For all public projects Payment and Performance Bonds are required for 100% of the subcontract amount.  Hazard will compensate for up to 3% for the required Bonds.


Please contact Hazard Construction Company should you need assistance in obtaining bonding, lines of credit or required insurance, equipment, supplies and or materials. Please visit our website to view Hazard Construction Company’s Insurance Requirements for General Liability, Auto and Workers’ Compensation for Subcontractors at http://www.hazardconstruction.com/HCCInsReq.pdf.


Please forward any information you may have to (858) 587-3600 or bidinvites@hazardcon.com

    Thank you for your assistance.

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